Isaiah 40:31

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall walk and not be weary, they shall run and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feeling BETTER!

I just fininshed bathing my two mutts and the mutt next door. Something about it clears my head.
I also totally appreciate the reality check yesterday. Alyssa's comment was so helpful with the link, THANK YOU!
Three remarkable things today: One- I picked up the preggo vitamins and those things are OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE! Not to mention they are hugemongous to swallow.
Two- I've had a headache ALL DAY LONG that Ty LEN ol has not even TOUCHED. I've done deep breathing and cool rag on my head. NADA. So I'm just learning to live with it. I think its because of the unseasonable change in the barometric pressure the south is experiencing right now.
Third thing deserves its own paragraph. This go around, I have noticed that the handful of people that we have confided this in were so certain, unlike any other time, that this would work. I don't know why, its inexplicable. I know, because I felt them all, that we were heavily prayed about or shot some seriously "good vibes" throughout this cycle. I don't think I will ever be able to show my gratitude properly. So all I can say is a humble thank you and please continue all the good thoughts. I'm going to falter, but I'm going to try very hard to make the best of this situation and be happy about things. It helps my brain to be positive. Its when I give into "stinkin thinkin" that I fall to peices. This may sound silly, and may not work for everyone, but I'm going to give it a try.


Alyssa said...

Glad I could help. PS. I sent an invite to you for my blog.

Patricia said...

I'm late coming to the game, but I think your beta sounds wonderful, actually. Another thing to remember is that it isn't the starting point so much as what it does over time. I know this isn't comforting, but it really is important not to get bogged down in the numbers. God doesn't give a rip about them, anyway.

As for the vitamins, there are several stores in my area who are offering them for free. You still need a prescription, but you might want to check out the possibility. I did some research on them (because that's what gives me a sense of control!) and picked one of the freebies I liked and asked the doc to write the prescription.

As for the headache, remember to drink water, your body needs it now as much as ever and many headaches are related to dehydration.

Okay, Dr. Patricia signing off. Have a lovely pregnant day, you lucky (not that I believe in luck, but you know what I mean) woman!!

Chelle said...

I am glad you are feeling better! I gave my doggies a bath this weekend to. I love doing that!

Sorry about your headache. Hope it goes away soon.

Soapchick said...

Glad you are feeling better about this all Hollie! I have a very good feeling as well for you....can't explain it, but let's go with it!!

Yes smell-o-vision on my site would be fabulous! haha.

JackiJaguar said...

Oh my goodness....I just read over your last few posts and it sounds like it's time to offer congratulations! That's amazing and I'm so happy for you. As for your offer to include my post in "posts I like", I'd be flattered. Thanks so much for taking the time to read it. Best of luck at your next beta...I'll be thinking of you.

Alexicographer said...

Hi. I found my way over here from LFCA and just wanted to let you know that the beta for the pregnancy that became my son was 123 14dp3dt. If you do the math, that's something that had the opportunity to double twice since where yours is (yours is 13dp r/t and mine was 17 dp r/t so if they double every 2 days...) and so they're darn close. Mine went on to become a boringly uneventful pregnancy and a healthy full-term baby and I hope yours will, too.