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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fertilization Report, #1

hey Ya'll,
I had 29 eggs aspirated yesterday. Out of 29, 26 were mature. All of those were ICSI'd. Out of those, 16 are "fertilizing correctly". Its possible (so they say) that there might be more and they are a little behind. The Embryologist only looks at them once a day, so that they can leave them alone to do their thing. I'm excited and so grateful. Its almost unreal. I know it is still very early, so much can still happen, for the good and the bad. Just trying not to get too far ahead of myself. STILL taking it one day at a time.
As for the hyperstim situation, I'm not out of the woods. Evidently it can start as early as retrieval day but peaks at 7dp retrieval. I'm slightly short of breath and have gained 3 pounds. Thankfully, I'm still urinating and just feel a bit worn out. We always knew I would have OHSS, we are just trying to minimize the symptoms.
I will report when I know more. It means so much to me that I can share this with such wonderful people that really care. Thank you isn't enough, but THANK YOU.


soapchick said...

Wow, that's a lot of embryos!! That is super! I hope the OHSS doesn't get too bad.

JJ said...

Super Hollie Embryos! Thats fantastic news--just take care of YOU--Im sorry you have to worry about OHSS. Thanks for keeping us posted! Thinking about you=)

Trace said...


Chelle said...

Wonderful fertilization report!!! I hope OHSS stays at bay. Take care of yourself!