Isaiah 40:31

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall walk and not be weary, they shall run and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Puttin on my GOLD shoes

I remember when I was a teenager, there were a type of flat, shoes with little bows on the top that were quite popular. I didnt wear them. But I remember seeing an unusual amount of older women (senior citizens) wearing the gold kind. I dont remember seeing any other type of women at the time wearing these gold shoes. I figured it was a club thing, sorta like the hat people.
Well I noticed this group of ladies chatting and laughing it up in the mall food court. I couldnt help but over hear their conversation. They were being a bit crude, or so I thought at the time. They were letting loose. Letting go. Saying whatever was on their minds and LOVING IT! I figured that there would be a time in a woman's life that she could put on her GOLD SHOES and say exactly what she wanted to, and have the confidence to not care what other people thought.
As I get older, I see that I'm more and more not afraid of what others may think. So let me tell you about driving home the other day.
There was a bad wreck on the interstate. I got off the interstate after putting my large SUV (that I love) in low gear and driving through the median. It was invigorating.
So I get off the exit. Long story short, there was a woman in a little car in front of me. I was doing nothing wrong, but she was having an absolute hissy fit at me. I could hear her because both of our windows were down. So I finally got in behind her. She kept looking at me in her rear view mirror. So I smiled the biggest, SHUGARRY Sweetest smile you ever did see, and I waved! That sent her in an absolute FIT! Arms are flailing, cursing is abundant, and her long gray hair was getting all tangled from the fit she was throwing. (She was not headbanging) We drove awhile down this road. Traffic was tight because everyone that could got off of the interstate at the same place. She kept looking at me in the rear view. So finally, I looked straight at her and put my fingers in my ears and wiggled my fingers and smiled. Then I let someone in front of me. I just wanted to show this lady that she needed to chill OUT! Life is too short to get all fired up about some traffic.
My hope is that the woman lightened up a bit and told this story over and over again to others. Then they might tell her to lighten up. Yes, it was childish of me. But doggonit, sometimes you just have to put on those gold shoes and not give a snot what people think.
I am going to try to be more like that. And in turn, be more of myself. I think this blog is going to help me to do that.
Tell me about a time when you put on your gold shoes.


Trace said...

Hmm, I don't think I've "let go" since college when I danced on the bar (literally), but occasionally I get roped into doing shots and still relive that college experience.

JJ said...

What a neat post! I think I did a good job of letting go last month when Mook and I went to New Orleans--I was very carefree and wore my "gold shoes" :0)

~Hollie said...

Awesome Girls! Let loose! Trace is a little wild child, aint she? JJ, have you been dancin on bars on Bourbon Street? ;) I loved bars in college. I go back, and its just never quite the same. Good memories though.