Isaiah 40:31

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall walk and not be weary, they shall run and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday's RE appt

okay, no nifty title for today's post. Just the facts today. All went well at RE's office other than the incredible wait of over an hour. I have to re-do some of my tests (SIS, HSG) because too much time has lapsed since the last time I did them. LOVELY! Oh how I love dye shot in the whooo haaaa la la la.... This time, I'm going to take the MAXIMUM dosage of NSAID's possible. I didn't get too much info on how this is going to go. I wait for Auntie Flo. I go in for baseline blood work. I start the NOOVAH-Ring for 21 days. Then I get AF? Unclear on this one. Then I start the Lupron. Then like 5 days of lupron, and then the stims. After that, monitoring then watch the follies grow, then schedule the retrieval yada yada. Yeah yeah, I got this.
So I'm scared. I'm scared that I will end up in the hospital again with OHSS. I know I will get some degree of it, but the hope is that it is minimal. I plan on continuing the exercise (swimming and walking) and eating well (lots of fruits and veggies) and WATER! RE also suggested some massage therapy for well being. AHHHH I'll take ya up on that one, Doc!
So last IVF, I got all the way to the end, then the rug was snatched out from under me and I didn't get to transfer my beautiful embies. They were growing, with no place to go. They were good enough for fresh transfer, but didn't meet freeze criteria. Ehhh, I've got to stop thinking about them. This is a new day!
If you pray, please pray for us. If you do voodoo, do that voodoo that you do for some good JUJU for me! I'm calling on all good thoughts, vibes, and prayers!


Jendeis said...

Hoping and praying for you! Love that ring -- much better than the pills.

Tricia said...

Hoping and praying for you! Sorry that you have to get the HSG again!

m said...

JuJu! JuJu!

I am sorry too that you get to look forward to more dye in your vah jy jy. (that was supposed to rhyme).

Thank you, BTW, for your super great words over at MB lately. Really appreciate it.

soapchick said...

Praying for no OHSS and for lots of good embryos!