Isaiah 40:31

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall walk and not be weary, they shall run and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Special Day

Hi Ya'll, Its my 32nd birthday. Can I tell you how weird that sounds? 32?!!?!? Yep, thats me. But something is definitely different this year. I got my birthday wish way early. And it is still so surreal. Sorry that I haven't written in awhile. Seems like time is a blur.
Today I'm 8 weeks and 2 days. Last friday, we saw arm flappers, leg buds, heartbeat, spine, etc. We also saw an unwanted Subchorionic Hemmorhage. I actually know a little about this, thanks to JJ. So I wasn't a complete dummy when she pointed it out on the ultrasound. We didn't go into too much detail about it. It didn't look like JJ's though. Evidently it is right behind Sticky Bun, you need a trained eye to see it. I haven't had any bleeding from it, so far. I have an appointment for another ultrasound tomorrow and a lookie see with the RE. I've been communicating via nurses and nurse practitioners. So it will be good to see her. Although Angel cannot come, he has to work. BUMMER. So I've got to take some GOOD NOTES! I don't know if she will let me go. With my progesterone issues, I doubt it. I think she will keep me for at least another 2 weeks.
So the progesterone seems to be in a good range, last was 24.1 and they like it around 25. I'm on the Endometrin now, which continues to make this yeastie RAGE. I'm exhausted from the pain and discomfort the yeastie has caused, but I can't take the chance in changing the progesterone. So looks like I have to live with it. Maybe for ... oh gosh, who knows how long.
I got so teary this morning. I picked out my outfit, then said I know just the jewelry to wear today. I picked up my ring that my Daddy gave me when I graduated high school. Also I picked up my cross that he gave me for my 10th birthday. It has 10 tiny rubies and one diamond in the middle "to grow on". I remember and still love my Daddy so much. I know he is always with me in my heart. I hope that he is in heaven looking down on me today. If Sticky Bun is a boy, he will be named after my two favorite guys, My Daddy and My Angel. If its a girl, I have a combo name of a lot of women that I admire, all put together.
I still don't feel out of the woods on all this. We've had super news about things, blood work, estrogen, keeping the P4 in check, endometrium looking good, all the kiddo parts growing nicely... I'm guessing until I get that kid in my arms, I won't really breathe the sigh of relief. I'll keep saying this, but I know a lot about GETTING pregnant, just not really how to BE pregnant. I'll get used to it, I suppose. I'm hoping that my worry doesn't consume me so much that I cannot enjoy it.


Perri said...

praying all goes well and you can soon relax and enjoy being pregnant.

Patricia said...

Happy Birthday to you.

I so understand the part about not knowing what to do once you're finally pregnant. It isn't as if the worrying stops. Or even the waiting. Always waiting for the next blood levels, the next ultrasound, the next test. I, too, hope you can find moments of joy, but I completely understand how hard it is. May you have a fun and lovely birthday.

Jendeis said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!!

Chelle said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and my assvice... live in the moment on this day. Love the fact that you ARE pregnant on your birthday and cherish every moment!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday yesterday! I hope you had a good day, and yes, you already got the best birthday gift you could ever ask for!
Thanks for the well-wishes on my blog yesterday too! I'm hoping that, pretty soon, 2 Hollies will be pg! :)

Soapchick said...

Happy Birthday Hollie, sorry I'm a couple days late!!! I hope it was a happy one! Keep enjoying your pregnancy - that baby will be here before you know it!

Kelly said...

Hi Hollie - I hope you had a good birthday! It's so cool that we both turned 32 on the 10th. You got the best present EVER! I'm so glad your pregnancy is continuing to go well. Congrats!